PO Box 22005 Fredericton, NB - Tel: 506-451-4767

Chrysalis House Team Statement

At Chrysalis House, we provide a nurturing home for our youth to mend their past hurts and a supportive and engaging environment for them to develop essential life skills.

We believe that every human being deserves to have a home; one that provides respect, safety and stability, nutritious meals and every opportunity to succeed

  • What is a Chrysalis?

A Chrysalis is a cocoon, where the young and vulnerable are nurtured, developed and prepared for adulthood as a butterfly.

  • Admissions?
Admissions to Chrysalis House can be made by self, family and/or agency referral.  We invite the youth to visit our home and explore their options based on their needs, our guidelines and urgency.
  • Funding Sources
Our main sources of funding come from the Province of New Brunswick’s Department of Social Development, the United Way, and varying community foundations.  We also receive funding from local community members and church organizations. 
We also have our annual Fundraiser “12 Hours for the Homeless” 
100% of all funding received goes directly to the operation of Chrysalis House and its programs.